Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Memorial Day Cruise Report

            I wonder if Carl Alberg, when designing the Alberg 30, ever pictured three generations of folks who loved his boats rafted up together in a creek on the Eastern Shore enjoying each other’s company and the beauty of a picturesque Maryland Spring Weekend?  He would have been pleased as six boats made the trek around Bloody Point to St. Michael’s for the Memorial Day Cruise.  Jim and Sandy Davis and Jazz on Isa Lei were the first to arrive and set the hook for the resulting raft up.  In attendance were:  Bob and Elaine Leigh on Leighway,Sr and their grand-dog Baxter; The Adams’ on Laughing Gull; The Coopers on Cookin ; Jim and Barbara Palmer on Waconah and The Woodfords on Latika.  Saturday night, we enjoyed happy hour on Isa Lei and settled in.  We all went to St. Michael’s on Sunday for breakfast/lunch at the Carpenter St. Saloon.  It was crowded in St. Mike’s to be sure but the food was worth the wait and we had ample opportunity to amble about town.  The kids enjoyed the toy store and ice cream.  After a relaxing day, the group moved to Dividing Creek on the Wye River for Pirate night, games and Dark and Stormys.  If I may say so, it was a perfect evening.  Kids and adults swam, we dressed up in pirate garb ( Grace had some killer make up ideas for the pirate kids) and we played “Who am I.”  The Dark and Stormys hit the spot and the food prepared by all was top notch.  Isa Lei has a great cockpit for group gatherings. We all sang “God Bless America” together to honor those who gave their lives for us to enjoy moments like these.

            It was with regret that the raft broke up to head home Monday morning but we were treated to some of the best sailing of the year. Latika enjoyed a run up Prospect Bay and beam reaching out of the Chester in 14 kts.! We zipped back across the bay in beautiful winds.  It was fantastic.

         Thanks to all those who came out for making the 2015 Memorial Day Cruise one that will be remembered fondly for a long time. 

Monday, May 18, 2015

Memorial Day Cruise - 2015

Calling all Sailing Patriots – Let’s celebrate our freedom and those who died serving this great country.

The plan:

Saturday – we will raft up in Leed’s Creek on the Miles River 

Sunday – Breakfast at the Carpenter Street Saloon
                        Browse and Shop in St. Michaels
                        Cruise to Dividing Creek on the Wye River
                        Happy Hour (featuring Dark and Stormys) Pirate Night and games

Monday- Return home

If you would, please shoot Woody an email this week to let him know if you are coming or thinking of coming.  We want to know who to be on the look out for and how much rum to bring for the Saturday night's Dark and Stormy party.

Looking forward to it.  Weather looks good so far.