Sunday, June 14, 2009

Cruising MainSheet - June 2009

We know that we should try and achieve some sort of worklife balance, but it struck me that we should also by trying to maintain abalance between the amount of time that we spend working on our boats andactually sailing them. At some point you just have to draw the line, and admitthat everything that you wanted to get done will not get done. At that point,clean things up, get all the necessities of life back on the boat, and getsailing! I think I reached that point this weekend. I finally everything backaboard so that we can hit the Memorial Day C ruise in comfort – which means getting everything ready so that we can leave early enough on Saturday to get to the starting line in time.

Thanks to all that came out to the Spring Rendezvous. The weather and the venue were perfect. Sue Barrett did a great job of arranging things for us with the Bay Ridge community. The fact that we were able to keep some of the boats there that were racing was a great help. After a day of racing it was nice not to have to put the boat away, and then travel to another local. I hope that we will be able to do the same next year. By the way, Mike Lehman was sailing a screw for $70. Did anyone buy it? He seemed to think this was a great deal – “after all when was the last time you got a screw for $70?!” You gotta love a guy that gets such a kick out of his own jokes.

The cruising season is starting in earnest. By the time you get this, we will have been up the Wye
River on Memorial Day, and Vicki Lathom will have hosted the Luce Creek on June 6th. In Mid June, we have the kids cruise on Broad Creek in the Magothy. I look forward being able to make some of those, and to seeing folks there.

The Summer Cruise is coming in early July. This year, we will be cruising the top half of the Bay starting in Bodkin Creek on the 4th, and finishing up in Baltimore Harbor for the Orioles game. Bill Carter is hosting a BBQ at Warton Creek’s Green Point Marina on the Thursday (6/9), and then the following day, we will meet in Swan Creek and have a white sail only race to Baltimore
Harbor. It looks as if there will be a significant number of attendees for the second half of the cruise. I am interested in figuring out how many folks will be attending the first half. Let me know, and we can plan accordingly.

See you out on the Bay!

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