Thursday, August 20, 2009

Alberg 30 - September

Well summer is truly here now - temperatures well into the 90's - glad this was not the case during the summer cruise.

Well after the cruise, I was wondering what it would be like to take the boat further afield - perhaps even get some real salt water on her. I do not consider what we have in the Bay to be real salt water. In the midst of this thought, an email from Bill Carter shows up floating the idea of doing the next summer cruise to Atlantic City. Bill lives in New Jersey, and has recently been posted to Atlantic City for his job. He has offered to set up the trip, and scout the various locations. Shortly after this email arrived, I had a discussion with Dave Cooper at the summer rendezvous - more on that later. For the past two summers, Renee and Dave have headed down to the salty water at the mouth of the Bay. We had a good discussion about that trip. The criticism of the long cruises is that they exclude folks who are not ready for that type of cruise. Regardless of which route you take to the salt, there are some long days - not all crews are up for that; indeed not all boats are up to that.

Bill is continuing to explore the idea and work on the logistics. In the meantime, I am going to speak to some of the folks that went on last year's cruise down the Bay. As the thoughts progress, I will keep people informed. Personally at some time, I would like to sail around the Statue of Liberty, and also sail out of the mouth of the Bay.

On a different note the Summer Rendezvous / Commodore's Champagne Party at Paula Binder's on Spa Creek was one for the books - perfect location, excellent weather, and great food. The Foote family did a great job of organizing everything, and many thanks to Paula for the use of her beautiful house.

By the time this is printed, we will have had the Labor Day Cruise, and the Broad Creek Cruise. The Labor Day Cruise will be hosted by the Lodges, and will presumably be up Langford Creek again. Last year, we spent the first night with the crowd, and the second night at the Langford Creek Marina. The Marina has a bus from there to Rock Hall, which provided a little break for the kids. If you have not done that cruise, I would recommend it. This year, I hope that we have more wind, but other than that it was a pleasant weekend.

The Lodges are also hosting the Fall Cruise starting on Saturday October 3rd. Please let them know if you plan on attending. Also let Harry Gamber or J Berquist know if you plan on attending the Navy Game Cruise in Weems Creek on September the 26th. Wow - I cannot believe I am talking about sailing in cold weather again - and this column started with me whinging about the heat!

Let me know your thoughts on sailing into the briny blue. More on that later.

Happy Sailing.

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  1. I just read your Alberg Association newsletter piece about the idea of a trip to the southern bay. My wife and I have been members of the Association since purchasing Jim Minucci's Quest in 1997. We sail our of Mathews County in Virginia where we have a home at the mouth of Put In Creek. This is a couple of miles up the East River, off Mobjack Bay near New Point Comfort. Our pier is in the north side of the creek at Lat. 37.25.03 Long. 76.20.22. We would love to host a stopover dinner/cookout if you can convince your fellow brackish sailors to venture down south to our neck of the woods. It's a beautiful river with many great anchorages within an easy dingy trip of our house. There is also 6' - 7' MLW off our front yard that can handle a decent size raft.

    It's rarely crowded in our part of the bay and from the East River you're an easy daysail to Yorktown or the Hampton Roads area. It's also an easy sail (absent a strong northerly) across bay to Kitpopeke Beach or Cape Charles.

    Keep us in mind if your plans materialize.

    Quest 433
    Mathews, VA.