Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Morgan Freeman - A30 Sailor!

Check out Morgan Freeman's article at the National Sailing Hall of Fame site. It appears he sailed an A30 on his first trip to the Carribean!

"I first sailed south in 1979, going to Bermuda on a 30-foot (9.14-meter) Alberg-designed sloop. The crew included my wife, Myrna; my youngest daughter, Morgana; and our cat, Zipper. It took 9 days to get there, and we stayed for 6 weeks, anchored in the shelter of White's Island in Hamilton Harbor. On the way back to New York in October, we hit our survival storm. Two hundred fifty miles due east of Newport News, Virginia, we ran into the worst weather I have ever experienced — sustained 50-knot winds and seas that appeared mountainous to me in my little sloop. Luckily, Morgana had already gone back to school, so it was just me, a deathly seasick Myrna, and Zipper on board. It is an experience that I will never, ever forget. It's like an exclamation point in my life. "

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