Monday, June 2, 2014

Miles River Race and Memorial Day Cruise

Jonathan Adams reported :

"Well if the NOODs are the race you need to hustle to get ready for, the St Michaels race is the one you need to hustle to get cruise ready for. It is the first cruise (also race), and is a three night event that starts Friday night in Annapolis, and ends Monday afternoon. We raced well to St Michaels with the family as crew ,multiple spin sets, douses and jibes, and we did not wrap the thing around the forestay once!! Sunday in St Michaels was very relaxing, and then a 9 mile cruise up the Wye River - where I saw the bluest blue heron I have ever seen. We were accompanied up the Wye by Luna Blue and Jim and Sandy on Isa Lei and the Coopers on Cookin. For the race in the order they appear below, we had LinGin, Windswept, SkyBird (now known as Skybarge on the Gull) - Laughing Gull bringing up the rear. Skybird put some distance between us by the time we got into the Eastern Bay, and we were all spread out and in the same order by the time we finished.:

Brian Walter provided this picture of his cockpit full of tea-drinkers.

Afternoon Tea aboard Luna Blu - The Memorial Day Cruise Raftup

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